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Prices, Levels & Projects


A resolver name can be up to 24 characters (letters, numbers, or combination) in length plus the characters used in the domain extension. Below, we list the only symbol characters that a resolver names accept, although a resolver name cannot start or end with a symbol or have consecutive symbols.

  • Dash ( - )
  • Period ( . )
  • Alphanumeric (numbers from 0-9 and letters from a-z)


1600 ADA
2300 ADA
3-4200 ADA
5-6115 ADA
7-850 ADA
9+15 ADA

Verified Projects

We have an official project verification form (NFT, Token or Stake Pool) and projects can create their own domain (or as it is called globally, TLDs). For example, a project called "ProjectNFT" can create domain .projectnft, then you can create resolvers based on that domain, like web3.projectnft, john.projectnft, etc.

Verified project resolvers will follow the same pricing as premium domains and will not have tiers.

If you want to go ahead and verify your project, click here.


These domains cannot have (unless you are the project owner) cryptocurrency-like names, tokens, NFT projects, stake pools or TLD (Top Level Domain) registered globally at IANNA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).


What percentage of royalties?


Are there fees for renewing a resolver?

No, once you've purchased a resolver, you won't have to renew it, it's yours forever, or until you sell it on a marketplace.