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We believe that a web3 project, to evolve and survive, needs to listen to its community, that's why we created our governance model where we will give voice to all holders of a resolver, whether premium domains or domains of verified projects, will be able to participate. However, holders of a premium domain, will have greater weight in votes.

We will focus on votes regarding feature development, and over time we will think if we'll expand to other areas of the project.

Voting power

  • Resolver with 1 character is worth 25 votes.
  • Resolver with 2 characters is worth 22 votes.
  • Resolver with 3 characters is worth 19 votes.
  • Resolver with 4 characters is worth 16 votes.
  • Resolver with 5-6 characters is worth 12 votes.
  • Resolver with 7-8 characters is worth 8 votes.
  • Resolver with 9+ characters is worth 3 votes.

Voting power does not increase if you have more than one resolver in your wallet, we will always use the resolver with the highest voting power.


  • Decide actions related to platform development
  • Participate in giveaways of resolvers pass that will be held


Will a Governance Token be created?

No, everything will be based on a resolver.