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For better understanding, consider that a resolver is a domain with several utilities that is managed and saved within the blockchain Cardano. A resolver can be traded on marketplaces like any other NFT.

At launch, we will have reserved the premium domains:

  • .cnft
  • .swap
  • .lovelace
  • .resolver
  • .payada
  • .cardans
  • .numbers

Then, it will be possible to register, for example, the resolvers:

  • your-name.cnft
  • your-name.lovelace

Premium Domains with @

We will have domains based on the @ character available for registration and these will have the same utilities, levels and prices of a traditional premium domain, as mentioned above.

Are they:

  • @ada
  • @nft
  • @chain
  • @block
  • @numbers
  • @lovelace
  • @dao

Then, it will be possible to register, for example, the resolvers:

  • your-name@ada
  • your-name@nft
  • your-name@chain

We will also accept requests for custom domains from verified projects, as long as they do not have (unless you are the project owner) cryptocurrency-like names, tokens, NFT projects, stake pools or TLD (Top Level Domain) registered globally in the IANNA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority).


Cardano™ is a registered trademark of the Cardano Foundation, CHE-184,477,354. We are not affiliated with, associated with, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Cardano Foundation, or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. Therefore, the domains and tools mentioned here have no connection with Cardano™.


Will more premium domains be released?

Yes, if the need arises, we will launch more domains. For now, the ones mentioned above will be the main ones.

Why is there no .ada domain in Resolver?

About the .ada domain, it all comes down to common sense, there is another project at Cardano that already uses .ada and we decided not to use it out of respect for the developers of the project in question.