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We will host a resolver configuration application using Filecoin, a decentralized storage network, so even if something happens in the future, the project will continue to work forever for both resolver owners and projects and integrators.

As all the information of a resolver will be inside the Cardano blockchain, we must remember that any integrating dApp will be able to use its own existing structure, without the need to depend on third-party services, in this way we guarantee that your service never fails, because does not depend on a centralized server.

When most versions are developed, we will develop functions where it will be possible to configure our own service settings, whether APIs like, Dandelion, Blockfrost, Tango Crypto or a node and cardano-db-sync (with postgrest). In this way we guarantee other means so that our service is always available.

In addition, we will develop a version of our configurator panel to be used on a local machine compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. In this way, we will take Resolver to a new level of decentralization.